19 Redditors Share the Stupidest and Most Ridiculous Questions They've Ever Heard

Posted on Sep 12, 2017

Quite a number of people believe that there is no such a thing as a stupid or trivial question. However, this is not completely true, as there proved to be numerous situations when such questions managed to make people feel awkward and strange, even embarrassed.

The only thing you could do on such an occasion is cover your mouth and do your best not to burst out laughing. Though it can be quite hard sometimes, staying composed in such cases is highly important so as not to get into trouble.

1. A Freshwater Ocean

A Freshwater Ocean
"I was whitewater rafting in Massachusetts with a friend. A chatty woman behind us struck up a convo during a calm stretch and asked where we were from. We told her Vancouver, BC. She said it must be nice for us spending time on the water because “you probably don’t have any beaches or anything like this in Vancouver.” We tell her we’re on the Pacific coast, so the water was basically in our backyard. The woman then asks us “Oh. The Pacific… is that salt water?,”" by NoUserOnlyZuul.

2. Engine-Powered Ships for Columbus' Exploration in 1942

Engine-Powered Ships for Columbus' Exploration in 1942
"In my high school class in the 90s, the teacher showed us a picture of Columbus’s three ships. A girl who was 15 in my class, asked: “What are those white things on top of the ship?” The teacher explained that they are sails, used to catch the wind and move the ships. Girl pipes up “that’s stupid! Why didn’t they just use the motors?” Everyone in the class including the teacher proceeded to facepalm," by lachesis99.

3. Is There a Difference Between the Sun and the Moon?

Is There a Difference Between the Sun and the Moon?
"A friend said to me once “When you see the sun and the moon at the same time, is the moon the reflection from the sea in space?” I didn’t know what they were talking about so after some investigating I realized that she thought the sun and the moon were the same things. Just that the moon was not “on fire” at night."

4. The Secret Beatle

The Secret Beatle
"In class, someone pipes up “Joseph Stalin, is that the Beatles guy?” The entire class just went dead silent for around five seconds and we all stared at her. The teacher broke the silence and finally said “no.” That was a senior class…" by RenegonParagade.

5. Morning Light Is Better in the Cave

Morning Light Is Better in the Cave
"We were about 1 mile into a cave system when a group of friends and I stop to take a small break. It was around 10:00 pm at night, so very dark when we entered the cave. When we stopped, the youngest of our group (23-year-old guy with a college degree) asks with complete seriousness if they could come back in the morning so they could see in the cave better," by 5meterhammer.

6. Why Is He a Manager?!

Why Is He a Manager?!
"I made a joke about hitchhiking to Alaska. My manager said “Oh that’ll work. What, are you gonna take a ferry?” I told him there’s a major highway that goes there. The manager asks if they built a bridge there. I had no idea what he was talking about. My manager then asked, “Is Alaska not an island next to Hawaii?,”" by MothMonsterMan300.

7. The Sea-Level Altitude

The Sea-Level Altitude
"We were on vacation at the seashore, and we were doing some cardio training on the beach. One of the guys we were working with got kind of winded and asked, “****, I wonder what the altitude is here?” Uh… sea level," by eastwould.

8. A Real Wonder!

A Real Wonder!
"I broke two bones in my back while playing football. The next week I was WALKING down the hall with a brace. The girl at my school wanted to know what happened. I told her I broke two bones in my back. Her response, “Are you paralyzed?”" by who035733.

9. Power of Gasoline

Power of Gasoline
"I noticed gas prices started to go up rapidly, so I told my girlfriend that should fill up her tank because she would get more fuel for her money, rather than when the price goes up in a couple days. Her reply was “Oh, is that because of the power of the gasoline?” I still don’t know what she meant by that," by eldududuro.

10. Magic Trees

Magic Trees
"I work in a nursery in Canada, and a customer wanted to buy a maple tree. She asked me “what happens to the leaves in the winter?” I explained that it was a deciduous tree so the leaves fall off and grow back in the spring. This didn’t impress her, so she asked if we had any trees where the leaves didn’t fall off. I showed her some evergreens and she said “No, not Christmas trees, I hate those ugly needles. I want big leaves like the maple that don’t fall off,” by frozennie.

11. Geography Basics

Geography Basics
"I was crossing the US/Canada border and the guard asked me if I was a Canadian citizen. I handed him my passport and said yes. He looked at my license plate and asked me, “If you’re from Canada, why does your license plate say Manitoba?” It took me a second to realize he was being serious. I explained that Manitoba was a province in Canada, and silently marveled at his stupidity," by ListenToTheStooges.

12. Why Should You Consider Everything?

Why Should You Consider Everything?
"Had a friend who scolded me “Why do you think about everything? That’s the difference between us. You think about everything, and I just DO.” Later on, this same person had to leave to join the army because he dropped out of college, was over $15,000 in debt, and had to pay child support for his daughter and Ex-Girlfriend. He spent so much time in retail that he had no applicable job skills outside customer service. Not much of a thinker," by Seivan09.

13. 50 Shades of Ocean

50 Shades of Ocean
"My brother was working on a beach in the Grand Cayman. A woman came up with a normal question “Can I please have three cups?” but her reason… She liked the various shades of blue in the water and wanted a cup for each cup to fill and take home. He gave her the cups," by Lauie.

14. The Season Is Now Over

The Season Is Now Over
"In my country, when we talk about travel, especially to warmer countries, we call it “going south.” A girl I knew once asked me, “but is the south open in the winter?” I left. Once I was gone and out of earshot, I laughed so hard that my ribs were sore," by Tjodleik.

15. And How Long Have You Known Your Sibling?

And How Long Have You Known Your Sibling?
"The other night we were having dinner at our house, and my family and their friends were over. They were discussing how long they had known each other. Then my Uncle asked his wife how long she had known her sister. Her sister," by redpandalover69.

16. Actually, Cold War Was Not That Cold

Actually, Cold War Was Not That Cold
"In 7th grade, we had this girl who was on a roll with dumb questions in our class. She asked if Martin Luther King was still alive, and when on to ask “Why was the Cold War called that? Was It really cold?” This was back in 2003. Today she’s still asking questions like this," by Dame_Dame.

17. Why Is Christmas Called Christmas?

Why Is Christmas Called Christmas?
"Sitting in our history class, we were learning about WWII. The teacher explains about the Battle of Hong Kong. Mentions how on the 25th of December in 1941, the Canadian garrison there surrendered. A girl in my class raised her hand and asked: “Is that why it’s called Christmas?” We all just sat there for a minute in silence," by Doom_Art/

18. Can You Just Repeat the Entire Lecture, Please?

Can You Just Repeat the Entire Lecture, Please?
"One of the guys in my class fell asleep during a lecture. The professor goes into a 20 minute VERY detailed and technical explanation on topic X. After he’s done he asks if anyone has any questions. The sleeping guy woke up and then asks “Yeah, can you talk about topic X?” Professor has this priceless look on his face and asks “are you messing with me right now?”"

19. Where Do Chicken Nuggets Come From, Then?!

Where Do Chicken Nuggets Come From, Then?!
"When I was in culinary school, the chef showed us how to cut and prepare a chicken. He explained that the part of the breast is typically used to make chicken strips. This one guy, completely serious, pipes up, “If that’s the chicken strip, which part is the chicken nugget?” Everyone went silent and the chef explained that there’s no part of the chicken called the nugget," by CreativeSparks5.
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19 Redditors Share the Stupidest and Most Ridiculous Questions They've Ever Heard
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